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ID: 2953
Title: The Holocene evolution of the River Lea and surrounding landscape.

The recent focus of commercial construction and regeneration projects along the River Lea centred around Stratford, eastern London, UK, has led to developer funded archaeological and palaeoenvironmental investigations being undertaken on a large scale. Geotechnical datasets associated with these developments has enabled a detailed reconstruction of the buried landscape across an area of 3.3km2 to be made. Using this deposit model, it has been possible to target key areas for palaeoenvironmental investigations. These have been able to provide a more detailed understanding of the vegetation and river dynamics across the study area during the Holocene period, and the improved integration of the emerging archaeological record within this buried wetland-dryland landscape. The approach presented here provides a greater ability to understand the evolving wetland landscape. This study demonstrates the important role that developer funded analysis can play in understand the Holocene development of wetland environments situated within modern urbanised areas.

Session: 53 Palaeohydrological archives, fluvial environments and surface-groundwater flow processes
Authors: Michael Grant
David Norcott
Chris Stevens
Sarah Wyles
Jack Russell
Presenter:Michael Grant
Type: poster