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Title Enhancing Tephrochronology and its Application in Archaeology and Palaeoenvironmental-change Studies
CommissionSACCOM HaB

Tephrochronology has experienced something of a step-change in recent years and is considered one of the few techniques that has the promise for addressing chronological uncertainties in archaeological and environmental research. Tephra layers and the eruptions they are linked to can also act as drivers of cultural and environmental change. The session will focus on novel applications of tephra studies in both archaeology and palaeoenvironmental studies including developments in cryptotephra investigations, new geochemical techniques, methods of quantifying uncertainties and deriving age estimates for tephra deposits. We focus particularly on papers that use single or multiple tephra layers to constrain the temporal precision of environmental change models and papers that discuss archaeologically observable changes in relation to volcanic eruptions and/or tephra deposition. In addition, this session hopes to attract contributions on the significance of the 2010 Eyjafjöll eruption in Iceland and how this informs our understanding of tephra dispersal processes. Papers dealing with Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstructions that are centred on a tephrochronological approach are also welcome.

Convener(s)David Lowe, Siwan Davies, Felix Riede, Rupert Housley

Oral Presentations

TUE26, 10.50 - 12.30, Stade de Suisse Tor Raum.

2317Marine Isotope Stage 4 to 6 Tephra Horizons in the North Atlantic Ocean: The SMART Perspective Abbott Peter
2310Tephra horizons connected to early Holocene climate fluctuations: new results from the Faroe Islands Lind Ewa
1894Towards a Holocene distal tephrochronology for north-eastern North America Pyne-O'Donnell Sean
1421Developing distal tephrochronology for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in Patagonia Blockley Simon
1984Using tephrochronology to synchronize and date high-resolution palaeoenvironmental reconstructions derived from tephric loess deposits aged c. 33 to 13 cal ka in northern New Zealand Lowe David J.

TUE26, 15.50 - 17.30, Stade de Suisse Tor Raum.

704Building a tephrochronological 'lattice' for synchronising environmental and archaeological records dating to the last 100 kyr: the RESET project Lowe John x
257The Campanian-Ignimbrite (CI) tephra at Crvena Stijena Rockshelter, Montenegro: A Key Marker Horizon for the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition in Southern Europe Morley Mike
1712Regional correlation of the AD 1600 Huaynaputina tephra: integrating archaeological, ice core and lacustrine records Jensen B.J.L.
1889Dating the Palaeolithic occupation of the Haua Fteah cave, Libya, using cryptotephrochronology. Lane Christine
753Young Toba Tuff in the Middle Son Valley, North-Central India: a valid tephro-stratigraphical marker? Gatti Emma
2669Laser ablation ICP-MS analysis of individual glass shards from tephra deposits – recent developments in trace element micro-analysis and Pb isotope determination Pearce Nicholas

Poster Presentations

TUE26, 14.30 - 15.50, BERNEXPO 2 Poster Hall.

248Micro-tephra record of basaltic, rhyolitic and andesitic ash falls in maar lake sediments in Auckland, New Zealand: implications for eruption frequency in the HoloceneZawalna-Geer Aleksandra
534Sakurajima-Satsuma (Sz-S) and Noike-Yumugi (N-Ym) tephras: key tephrochronological marker beds for the last deglaciation, southern Kyushu, JapanMoriwaki Hiroshi
611The role of tephras in developing a high-resolution chronostratigraphy for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and archaeology in southern Kyushu, Japan, since 30,000 years agoMoriwaki Hiroshi
677Tephra in deglacial ocean sediments south of Iceland: Stratigraphy, geochemistry and oceanic reservoir agesThornalley David
788Sedimentology and Tephrostratigraphy of the Late Glacial Lille Slotseng and Store Slotseng kettle-hole basinsLarsen Jeppe Joel
1138A Hitherto Unreported Late Glacial or Early Holocene Icelandic Microtephra from North GermanyHousley Rupert
1262Aquatic exploitation on the North European Plain following the Last Termination: A case study from Oldendorf, North GermanyBramham Law Cassian
1289The use of kernel density estimates to assist in the identification of volcanic tephraBronk Ramsey Christopher
1476Effects of ash falls on vegetation – a palynological studyAllen Judy
1572Refining the age of the Kawakawa/Oruanui tephra in New ZealandVandergoes Marcus
1681The study and identification of a volcanic ash in a Holocene buried peat layer and its chronostratigraphic implication, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand.van Dijk Judith L.
1737Recognition of Hakone-TAu11 tephra and sea-level change from MIS 6 to 5 around Mito, northeast Kanto, central JapanSuzuki Takehiko
1840The taphonomy of Last Glacial–Interglacial Transition (LGIT) distal volcanic ash in small Scottish lakesPyne-O'Donnell Sean
1972Tephras from source to sink on an active plate margin: providing a chronology for events in the Waipaoa Catchment, East Coast North Island, New Zealand.Palmer Alan
2007Quaternary tephrochronology in the Northern Circum-Pacific Volcanic ZoneAoki Kaori
2009When was the Taupo eruption?Lowe David J.
2026Holocene tephra constraints on the timing of millennial-scale variability in the subpolar North AtlanticCage Alix Gayle
2201Early Holocene microtephra layer reveals multiple Icelandic geochemical populationsPyne-O'Donnell Sean
2237The stratigraphic context of ultra-distal tephrochronology in the last Glacial-Interglacial Transition (LGIT) of EuropeMacleod Alison
2248A chronology of the Holocene eruptions from the northern Kamchatka volcanoes based on linking major C14-dated tephra sequences with the help of EMPA glass dataBlaauw Maarten
2450Dating and impacts of Holocene Alaskan volcanic eruptionsBlackford Jeff
2618Tephrochronological Investigations of the NEEM Ice CoreDavies Siwan
2803The potential of tephrostratigraphy in the investigation of wetland archaeological records: Examples from IrelandMatthews Ian
2993Enhancing glacial tephrochronology in the North Atlantic region, problems and prospectsBrendryen Jo
3101Middle to Late Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Tephrochronolgy and Paleoenvironments of the White River, Yukon Territory, CanadaWard Brent
3177A Laacher See-eruption supplement to Tephrabase. A revised tephra fallout map and new geochemical dataRiede Felix
3249Advancement of subarctic forests during the Little Ice Age in the south Hokkaido, Japan -Vegetation change and tephrochronology-Suzuki Masaaki
3390New records from old tephra from Northern GermanyDörfler Walter
3404Tephrostratigraphy of the Potrok Aike Maar Sediment SequenceWastegård Stefan
3422Application of Tephrochronology in the Kurile-Kamchatka and Aleutean Marginal Sea-Island Arc Systems (KALMAR-Project)van den Bogaard Christel