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Title Sea-level jumps: evidence from Quaternary proxy records

The latest IPCC report and subsequent debate have shown that future sea-level predictions based on computer models have inherent problems. The largest uncertainty is arguably posed by the dynamical instabilities of ice sheets, i.e. processes such as ice-sheet bed lubrication, ice-stream flow and ice-shelf calving that are notoriously difficult to model realistically. In recent years, therefore, several new (semi-) empirical approaches to future sea-level predictions have been suggested, including those based on extrapolating into the future relationships between temperature and rates of sea-level rise from either historical or palaeo-records. These novel ways of predicting future sea-level change have re-invigorated the significance of palaeo-sea level studies and highlight important lessons that can be learnt from the Quaternary record of sea-level change. Quantification of the magnitude, timing, origin and driving mechanisms responsible for periods of rapid sea-level change poses significant challenges for palaeo- and modelling communities. This session addresses these challenges by bringing together scientists working on different aspects of rapid sea-level change, including palaeo- and historic records as well as ocean-atmosphere and ice sheet modelling.
This session will focus on episodes of rapid sea-level rise from Quaternary proxy records on several timescales. In particular we invite papers on: (1) rapid sea-level rise during previous interglacials; (2) deglacial meltwater events; (3) evidence for Holocene sea-level fluctuations and their mechanisms; (4) historical sea-level accelerations; and (5) modelling abrupt sea-level change. Speakers are encouraged to explore how their findings can increase our understanding of the driving mechanisms of sea-level change and how rates of sea-level rise revealed by palaeorecords can constrain predictions of future sea-level change.

Convener(s)Roland Gehrels, Antony Long

Oral Presentations

TUE26, 08.30 - 10.10, Novotel Room Wankdorf.

285Interglacial sea-level change and equilibrium sea level: implications for future sea-level predictions Siddall Mark x
3028Was the early Glacial Termination II sea-level highstand caused by a collapse of the Eurasian Ice Sheet? Brendryen Jo x
1010Chronostratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of Quaternary Subsurface Successions, Southern Haifa Bay, Eastern Mediterranean Avnaim-Katav Simona
2646Late Pleistocene relative sea level high stand deposits of Portuguese Estremadura Benedetti Michael
3106Rapid Interplay between Glacier Dynamics, Isostasy, and Eustasy during a Late-Glacial Readvance of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, Northwestern Washington, U.S.A. Clark Douglas
2273Geological constraints on deglaciation and glacio-isostatic adjustment models of relative sea-level change on the northern Antarctic Peninsula Roberts Steve J.

TUE26, 10.50 - 12.30, Novotel Room Wankdorf.

1176A review on sea-level changes during deglaciations Bard Edouard x
586Magnitude and timing of the sea-level jumps preluding the 8.2 ka climate event Hijma Marc P. x
831Early Holocene ice-sheet/sea-level interactions: An underutilized analog for the future? Törnqvist Torbjörn
860The early Holocene sea level rise: an episode of major environmental change Smith David
447North Atlantic sea-level variability during the last half-millennium Gehrels Roland
876Climate related sea-level variations over the past two millennia Horton Benjamin

Poster Presentations

TUE26, 14.30 - 15.50, BERNEXPO 2 Poster Hall.

368Mid-Holocene mangrove succession and its response to sea level change in the upper Mekong delta, CambodiaLi Zhen
501Relative Sea-Level Change in Western Iceland during the Last Half-MillenniumSaher Margot
510Identifying accelerations in recent sea level around the United KingdomBarlow Natasha
529Local-scale reconstructions of Holocene eustatic sea-level change in New ZealandClement Alastair
587Sea Level Induced Slope and Atoll Lagoon Sea Floor Morphologies around Malé Island and Goidhoo Atoll (Republic of Maldives)Droxler André W.
1053Using palaeo-evidence to construct future sea-level scenarios in southeast AustraliaMcGowan Sarah
1330Record of Holocene environmental change by sediment from Gangxi in Jiangsu province, ChinaChen Ye
2350Establishing Holocene and historical sea-level trends for the Croatian coast of the Adriatic.Shaw Tim
2376Comparison of mangrove and salt marsh foraminifera as sea-level indicatorsEngelhart Simon
2451Last 900 ka sea-level changes recorded in shallow marine and coastal plain sediments of the Nobi-tilted basin, JapanSugai Toshihiko
2604Reconstructing recent sea-level change in the Mira estuary, SW Portugal, using salt-marsh sedimentsMarshall William
2700Erosion or jumps in sea-level? Relative sea-level oscillations in the last 1500 yrs: a case study from Connecticut (NE USA)Wright Alexander
2754Holocene relative sea-level fluctuations in the western Canadian High Arctic: last deglaciation to present.Nixon Francis Chantel
2989Sea level change during Termination V derived from benthic isotopic records and bottom water temperature reconstructions in the Southern OceanVazquez Riveiros Natalia
3381A relative sea-level curve from sub- and inter-tidal deposits of SE Vietnam: Catastrophic early Holocene shelf floodingTjallingii Rik
3421The multi-proxy evidences of the Littorina transgresion of the southern Baltic Sea in the area of Mrzeżyno, NW PolandCedro Bernard